B. Simone just announced that she’ll be dropping “a rap EP” soon, but her recent controversies came back to haunt her.

B. Simone is coming through with a new EP soon, but it looks like the self-proclaimed manifestation expert’s recent controversies will be following her in any new venture she takes on for awhile. The entrepreneur took to social media to make the announcement about her new music, accompanied by a photo of her posing in a leopard print bikini. “I’m about to drop a rap Ep,” she wrote on Twitter. “You ready?” She shared the same photo with some additional shots on Instagram, as well. “I feel like rapping, i always do what i feel,” she said on her IG post. “What should i name my EP? I’m bout to drop.”

While she got plenty of support in particular on her IG post, tons of people took the opportunity to clown her for her past scandals. Some made jokes about her recent comments in which she insisted she couldn’t date a man with a 9-5 job…

…while others bought up her recent plagiarism mess, in which multiple bloggers exposed her for copying their work word-for-word and claiming it as her own in her motivational book, Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want.

This EP will mark B. Simone’s first full length music project. The social media star has dropped a handful of singles in the past, including, “Can’t Relate” featuring Justina Valentine and Vena.E as well as “Million Dollar Freestyle” and “The Box (Freestyle)” earlier this year.