Baylee Jay is an inspiring rapper from Raleigh, North Carolina looking to break into the music industry. After honing his skill over the years, he finally decided it was time to take what he acquired and put it to use musically. As an infantryman in the U.S Army currently stationed in Europe, he acknowledges the road ahead will not be a simple cakewalk, but instead a vigorous boot camp requiring strict discipline.

Once a huge fan of Rock music, Baylee accredits none other than Waka Flaka as the person who drew his attention to the Hip-Hop genre. Future influences like J. Cole and Mac Miller motivated the young artist and gave him the confidence needed to pick up the pen to share his own story.

His freshman project entitled “Let’s Talk” is a 9-track mixtape currently available on Soundcloud. With close to 500 followers, Baylee has managed to rack up a crazy amount of plays in the short span of only a few weeks. Hoping to expand on his fanbase and gain mainstream recognition, he is ready and willing to put in the hard work needed to reap the rewards.

Facebook: @Baylee Jay

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