Boi-1da sparks debate on the worldwide internet during a drunken rant on Twitter.

Drake is really one of those artists who come once in a generation. He defied hip-hop stereotypes and prevailed. He’s brought the culture to new heights in different ways but the debate whether he’s one of the greatest to ever do it is still running rampant in hip-hop circles. Some would argue that he is while others question his pen over the Quentin Miller scandal. 

John Phillips/Getty Images

Boi-1da has stood by Drake’s side throughout the years and produced some of the rapper’s biggest hits. He has more insight into Drake’s creative process more than most people who’ve worked with him in the past. Last night, Boi-1da let off a slew of tweets praising the artists from Toronto such as Drake, The Weeknd, and more. After saying The Weeknd changed the game, he made a major claim about Drake’s contributions to music.

“Drake is one of the greatest artists / rappers / song writers in the history of music EVER , no debate, no conversation,” he wrote. “The best actually,” he added. 

Though many attempted to debate what Boi-1da said, his overall message was meant for all the artists in Toronto, especially at a time when plenty of talented rappers from the city have passed away due to gun violence. “That was my drunken love rant for Toronto for the night, I love you all. Toronto Rappers please stop killing each other,” he concluded. Peep the tweets below.