Fans have been clamoring for Bow Wow to take part in a “Verzuz” battle.

While the Coronavirus-imposed quarantine has, for the most part, been terrible, there is at least one good thing that has come from it. Of course, we are talking about the Instagram Live “Verzuz” battles that have been going down over the past few months. There have been some amazing matchups thus far, and on Thursday night, we were blessed with a battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane. It’s a battle that fans had been waiting for, and in the end, it didn’t disappoint.

During these livestreams, fans have been commenting on who they would like to see next, and it seems like Bow Wow’s name is one of the most common requests. Bow Wow has taken notice of this, and this morning, he took to Twitter where he revealed whether or not he would ever partake in a battle. As it turns out, a Bow Wow “Verzuz” appearance simply isn’t in the cards.

“Every-time y’all watch a versuz yall tag me,” Bow Wow wrote. “I’m not doing one. Ive said it so many times. Ima fan and i enjoy watching just like you all do.”

Well, there you have it, everyone. If you’ve been waiting on the Bow Wow “Verzuz,” you will certainly be disappointed. However, there will definitely be some great battles on the horizon, so don’t worry too much.

In the meantime, let us know which matchup you’d like to see next, in the comments below.

Bow Wow

Todd Williamson/Getty Images for CSE