Chlöe Bailey has been dubbed a “baby Beyoncé” by many fans following the premiere of her debut solo single.

Chlöe Bailey is one of Beyoncé’s protégés, but some fans are growing tired of the constant comparisons between the two. Following the release of Chlöe’s debut solo single “Have Mercy,” which dropped last night ahead of the MTV VMAs, people have been calling Chlöe a “baby Beyoncé” and although the singer has not commented on the comparisons yet, fans are making their thoughts on the matter clear on social media.

Alongside her sister Halle, Chlöe has been rising up as one of Queen Bey’s protégés, soaking up a lot of knowledge from the legendary artist and applying it to her own career. Some fans have said that, of the sister duo, Chlöe is Beyoncé and Halle is Solange, but people are getting tired of that narrative. Following the release of “Have Mercy,” the comparisons struck Twitter once more, with lots of folks seemingly embracing Chlöe’s similarities to Bey. 

The music video for the single even features an appearance from Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother. Chlöe is obviously influenced by her mentor, but she operates as a singular entity from her. While the comparisons aren’t disrespectful in nature, some of Chlöe’s fans are wishing for them to stop.

Watch her new music video below and let us know if you’re seeing the Beyoncé influences.