The City Girls worked hard to craft “City on Lock,” and they’re giving fans a look into what they’ve endured behind the scenes.

The duo suffered a minor setback when their album leaked, but City Girls are proving that they can’t be stopped. Yung Miami and JT were irate after learning that their latest project, City On Lock, was shared with the public without their consent. “I’m so f*ckin mad ppl are so f*cking evil y’all leave me thee f*ck alone,” Yung Miami penned on her Instagram Story. “Ion trust nobody! Disgusted.” Later, City Girls decided to officially release the album that same evening, along with the music video to their lead single “Jobs,” that evening, and now they’ve revealed that they also filmed a City on Lock docuseries.

The road to releasing this album was a long one, especially considering JT was behind bars for quite a while. Upon her release, she and Yung Miami got straight to work with their label, Quality Control Music, and it was important to them to share their first record since reuniting. On Monday (June 29), City Girls shared the trailer to their forthcoming five-part docuseries that chronicles their journey to releasing City On Lock, including Yung Miami striving to keep the City Girls hype alive while her best friend did a bid.

Watch the trailer below as they go behind the scenes for their first televised performance, Yung Miami finding out she’s pregnant,  JT coming home from jail, Lil Baby giving them advice, and City Girls returning to the studio together. The docuseries is set to premiere this Thursday (July 2).