DaBaby is reliving the fallout from his Rolling Loud controversy.

A year after he made homophobic comments while on stage at the Miami festival, the rapper reflected on the impact it took on his career, including his touring schedule. He was pulled from several festival lineups in the wake of the backlash, while his peers including Dua Lipa, Madonna, and Questlove condemned his comments.

“In other people’s eyes, I’m like a fu**in’ household name,” he recalled during an interview with the “Full Send Podcast.”


His bank account also took a hit. He shared for the first time that he lost a Burger King endorsement deal as a result of his “hurtful and triggering” comments.

“I had my own meal at Burger King. A lot of people don’t know that. It was called the Jonathan Kirk Meal,” he said of the fast-food meal, named after his real name. “I shot a commercial for it and everything. They got my name on the box, everything.”

But it was scrapped in the wake of his offensive remarks. “That’s when all the controversy and shit popped off.”

DaBaby’s “Keep It Real Meal” never made it to stores. Instead, Burger King partnered with other celebrities including Nelly and Anitta on their own meals, which used their real names instead of their stage names.


During the interview, DaBaby also revealed that he got paid $300,000 for his feature on Dua Lipa’s “Levitating (Remix).”

He is now readying his new album Baby on Baby 2, a sequel to his 2019 debut Baby on Baby, for release in early August. “This is the most attention I’ve paid to some music,” he said.

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