After reuniting in Wyoming, Dame Dash affirms that Kanye West is in a good place mentally, likening the legendary rapper to “Willy Wonka.”

Dame Dash and Kanye West haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but as two prominent players during the historical Roc-A-Fella movement, they remain forever linked in the history books. In fact, Dame Dash and Kanye West recently connected in Wyoming following Ye’s notorious presidential rally, which went on to spawn plenty of speculation surrounding the legendary creative’s mental health. But even with rumors of a possible divorce looming, Dame Dash maintains that Kanye West is in a good place — in fact, he’s actually “happy.”


“People think he lost his mind just because he cried,” says Dame, speaking with Page Six. The way he lost his mind and jumped on a jet and then jumped off the jet to come back to his 40,000-acre ranch? Yeah, I’d like to lose my mind like that. There’s definitely people around him that love him and he’s going to be all right. We are praying, we are working. People think like we are in an insane asylum but we got an album coming out.”

Brushing off concerns that his family is openly worried about him, Dame explains that Kanye West is closer to the everyman than people might think — at least in some ways. “People watched the rally and think he’s crazy, but that’s how the average person thinks. Everyone that listens to him who he’s crazy is not a billionaire. But some reason Elon Musk doesn’t think he’s crazy. I don’t think he’s crazy. Billionaires don’t think it’s crazy because he talks that billi talk. And most people don’t talk that talk. He speaks like the general to people that are generally soldiers.”

Breaking it down further, Dame goes so far as to liken Kanye to one of literature’s most iconic eccentrics: Willy Wonka. “He’s in a big room with 40 different companies,” affirms Dash. “Ideas development. It’s a laboratory going on over here.” 

Look for Donda to arrive as planned tomorrow, though this is Kanye we’re talking about. Are you still excited for the project?