Drake and Khaled are coming for the summer.

DJ Khaled is officially kicking off the rollout to his next album. The Miami DJ has steadily teased the release of new music over the past few months, specifically new tunes with the 6ix God himself. He went to Toronto to record with Drake and has been slowly hinting at some new music with the Scorpion artist.

DJ Khaled is giving fans a double dose of anthems this week and both will feature Drake. Taking to Instagram, he shared a trailer for the two anthems featuring Khaled strolling through the garden and stumbling across an owl that he salutes. No teaser was shared for the single but he did recently say it’s a “pop chune” which likely means dancehall papi will resurrect on wax once again.

Khaled and Timbo previously spoke about the new single, which at the time was only rumored to include Drake. From the conversation, it seems like Khaled may very well have single that could be as successful as “Wild Thoughts.”

In related news, Drake recently revealed that he was 80% done his upcoming project. Though a pandemic threw off release schedules for the year, especially from major acts, Drake dropped off Dark Lane Demo Tape to hold us over. Perhaps he actually will grace us with an album before the summer comes to an end.