Free from musical ceilings, the experimental sounds of D’Vo’s genre blending is an artform that cannot be replicated.

Raised in Houston, Texas, D’Vo represents the H-Town proudly with his craft. Blessed with musical talents that allows him to find the string connecting genres and sounds, D’Vo has developed an ear for music creating his own style. Untamed in the booth, he uses inspirations from artists like Tupac and Maxwell to shatter his creative limitations. Every track holds a different vibe, pushing the boundaries of music and twisting sounds to his will. D’Vo is like a scientist on the mic, able to pen anything from soul, pop, funk, jazz, to lyrically melodic masterpieces.

Fans have fallen in love with his passion for creating music centered around the love of Jesus, giving honor and much deserved tribute to the one who keeps him whole. To date, he has 7 songs on the Global Digital Radio Tracker Charts, 6 of which made the top 20 for independent artists. Among them are the singles, “Butterflies” and “Evolution Of Hip Hop.” Even with his growing fame, D’Vo remains humble and continues to evolve his craft further.

D’Vo has recently extended the catalog under his Experimental Hip Hop Series called The Codex. The third album installment, “The Codex: Court Vision,” is a concept album with a meaningful purpose, building its vision upon every track to paint a vivid experience to listeners of the work of genius. D’Vo, although anonymous in identity, has a voice known globally under his brand “n.e.r.d. life by D’Vo.” The acronym embodies his motto, “Needing Eternal Redemption And Deliverance,” a statement of dedication to helping guide others to their salvation, securing their heavenly place beside the Creator.

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