Irv doubles down on his statement after speaking with Drizzy.

There’s no better place to make controversial statements in hip-hop than The Breakfast Club, and that’s exactly where Irv Gotti allowed himself to do just that. Gotti went on the popular radio show and caused a little bit of a shuffle in the game when he claimed that Drake had no masterpiece albums. 

“You don’t see or hear from the young generation albums, impactful albums,” Irv Gotti stated. “You feel impactful singles. Listen, Imma even say Drake, who I love. Drizzy, I love you, you know I love you, you know what I am saying? You know, ‘Murder Inc. like my n*gga Irv,’ that’s me. Aye, I love you, I love your music, but would you say Drizzy has delivered an album to that stature? Which I know he can, but I don’t know if he collectively put that energy and said, ‘I’m gonna deliver a masterpiece.’ Does Drizzy have a masterpiece?”

He went on to claim that Travis Scott was the only young artist that has a masterpiece album. “The only artist that I give it to, really, is Travis Scott,” Irv continued. ” That last album, that Brian McKnight or whatever, when I put that album in I was like, ‘Yo, who is this guy?’ When I heard he producers and everything I was like, ‘He’s incredible.’ You know what I’m saying? I feel like he’s the only artist that’s a young generational artist where I feel he put so much thought and energy into production.”

Irv recently sat down with Nick Cannon to clear up his statements, but actually just doubled down on his opinion. “He’s on another planet,” Irv began, praising Drake. “I consider him [Drake] and Jay-Z, they’re like on Uranus, while we’re on the planet Earth.” He proceeds to speak on their friendship. “Drake is like, one of my best friends in the game,” Irv continued. “He’s a really good friend, we have a great relationship since he came out…he is someone who I consider a friend.” Apparently, that friendship was in danger after Irv’s comments. “I spoke to Drizzy, and you know he was like, ‘you got my people’s saying, they thought we was close,’ and I said, ‘Drizzy, we are close,’” Irv claims. “Nothing has changed. And I said, ‘I’m not one of them hating guys that hated on you.’” Check out the full interview below.