EARTHGANG member Olu confirms a new album from J. Cole is on the way after it was delayed because of the pandemic.

In addition to a major Spillage Village announcement, stating that their album will be released in the next two weeks, EARTHGANG member Olu (also known as Johnny Venus) just spilled the beans about J. Cole‘s upcoming project.

For the last year, we have been wondering when the North Carolina native would strike. He recently dropped his new single “Snow On Tha Bluff,” which sparked debate among fans, and it looks like an album may finally be on the way.

J. Cole
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

During his set at last year’s Day N Vegas music festival, Cole kept The Fall Off graphics all throughout his performance. Apparently, it may finally be on the way.

According to Olu, The Fall Off was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic but, now that things are moving on in the music industry, it looks to be back on track.

“Spillage Village album dropping soon, we got some new EARTHGANG records dropping soon, I hope y’all play that Dreamville for the Revenge of the Dreamers anniversary,” said the Grammy-nominated artist on his live-stream. Then, he stirred up some major hype for J. Cole’s album.

“Cole album is coming,” said Olu. “It’s in customs right now. Cole album gotta get through customs cause, you know, corona.”

Obviously, this is all big news for fans of Dreamville’s acts. We’ve been waiting on a new J. Cole album for a minute and, obviously, the Spill Vill joint is gonna go hard too.