Jackboy bought his mother a house for Christmas last year.

When Florida rapper Jackboy was thinking about what to get his mother for Christmas last year, he had a couple of things in mind. Either he would get her a Richard Mille watch, or a new home. He ended up choosing the latter, explaining his choice during his recent interview with Joshua Robinson for HNHH’s On The Come Up.

Speaking about what changed his mind after he had initially decided to cop a $500,000 watch for his mom, Jackboy said, “We can’t live in a Richard Mille. I wanted to live inside of it. If we could’ve lived inside of that motherf*cker, I would’ve grabbed the Richie. You just can’t live inside of it– but they didn’t think of that part yet. They’ve got to make a new watch that you can live inside [of]. But nah, you’ve got to be smart. Could you live in a Richie? No. But could you live in this house, and have it forever, and maybe just pay $8,000 in taxes a year–little stuff– but you ain’t paying nothing, you just pay property tax? That’s cooler. That’s more fly.”

Despite him choosing real estate over jewelry that one time, Jackboy is still a pretty big fan of ice. He detailed some of his favorite shops right now, saying, “Right now, Johnny Dang and Stacks Customs, my favorite jewelers. Stacks Customs, he’s a local jeweler where I’m at. He be looking out for me, and Johnny, he’s just, ‘Hello!’ Next level. With the jewelry I get, I spend a lot on it, but I still try to manage it. I still try to work through features. I still try to grind and go get shit instead of trying to rip it all the time. Right now, I could still buy a Richie, but is it worth it right now? Nah, let’s do some features, and that’s how we’re gonna pay for the Richie.”

Jackboy also spoke about what else he’s doing to build generational wealth for his family, explaining, “Right now, my mom takes some of my money, takes it to Haiti, and builds little stuff, but I’m really trying to start down here. I ain’t really get into it, into it. I’m really trying to start down here, but at first, I’m gonna start with my label. That’s why I’m starting 1804 Records, so I can build more money off the music, which I know is gonna work, and then tap into other stuff. We’ve got to real-deal build it off of the music. I’mma use the music as the platform to get into everything else. I want to do rental cars. I want to start a rental car company. I wanna start car washes where I’m at, but I want to start the ones with the free vacuums that’s all day, not the ones where people wash personally. I want all that, but right now, I’mma make the music to the point where I can still live comfortable like this, and do all that at the same time. I feel I got to sign a producer for me, a beat maker — I’mma always want to make music — and I got to sign a couple [of] artists, and we just grind.”

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