Jocko Maniac braved the harsh realities of his environment to become a superstar in the making.

Florida has been one of hip hop’s most influential cities over the last decade. The industry has seen an increase of talent from the uniquely cultured area that has changed the scope of how hip hop sounds. With mainstream artists like Kodak Black, Ski Mask Tha Slump God, 9lokkNine, Hotboii and YNW Melly taking the legacy carved from the previous generation of rappers, Florida has received recognition for the creative talent it produces. A new rapper has now staked his claim as one of Florida’s best and has broken into the industry with a banger to make it known that he is more than a problem on the beat. His name is Deonta Edler, and he has been blessed with his hip hop moniker, Jocko Maniac straight from the streets itself.

Jocko Maniac has been in the streets of the small urban town of Cantonment Florida building up his reputation as one that’s real among the fake. For the first 11 years of his life, he has had the pleasure of knowing what it meant to have a life with some normalcy attached to it. But by the time he turned the age of 12, everything began changing. Jocko would find himself embraced by the streets and it taught him everything he knew. In a way the streets were responsible for raising him into the man that he now stands proudly as today.

He would eventually move to the vicinity of Texas, to pursue his dreams of making it big in the music industry-a fitting vision for the region of Texas where everything is Big. Jocko studied the craft and with his already talented ability to create music, he developed a Trap/Soul sound that was capturing everyone that got a glimpse into his music. Jocko kept his grind up in the underground scene building his fanbase until the perfect time arose. The underdog was ready to become the top dog, and with his eyes set on success, he opened up himself to the world with his debut single “Fly To The Moon.” The song, like all his musical inspiration, comes from his life and experiences through his upbringing in the streets. “Fly To The Moon” was embraced by audiences from the moment of its release. It has been especially on fire on the major social media platform, Tik Tok where it’s being spread throughout the world as a banger. Jocko has the industry in a crave over the Elon Musk influenced track. The core of the song finds its roots in the billionaire’s mantra, being free, living free. Jocko aims the track at just that with the added connection to couples, engaged or married. It resonates on various levels, including love and ownership and speaks on a deep level that not only reaches into the ears of listeners, but their hearts. His debut is the perfect wave to ride to the top that has his name marked upon it.

Jocko Maniac is continuing to grind while his debut is doing its thing through various platforms. He is currently working on collaborative music with dope Audio Engineer, J Carr. Follow the Florida native and stream his single “Fly To The Moon.”



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