Kanye West pulled a fast one on fans once again when “DONDA” didn’t arrive as scheduled.

As many expected, Kanye pulled a Kanye. All week, Kanye West has been promising that on Friday (July 24) morning, he would be releasing his forthcoming album, DONDA. The project is named after his late mother who passed away suddenly in 2007, and as the days have rolled on, Ye has shared varying tracklists as he further claimed that there was an attached film that would hit streaming services, as well.

Kanye West, DONDA
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Instead, 12:00 a.m. EST rolled around and fans were met with crickets rather than a record. People stormed social media platforms in hopes of discovering some explanation as to why DONDA hasn’t arrived, but all they found was a brief update from Ye himself. On Twitter, the rapper shared DONDA‘s cover art with the caption, “DONDA: WTH CHLD 7.28.20.” He also deleted all of his tweets as far back as July 18 when he laughed at people who believed that he would actually drop Yandhi after years of waiting.

Clearly, fans weren’t pleased, not because of the DONDA delay, but because they felt as if he used the erratic messages this week to hype his record. There has been speculation about why DONDA was delayed; some have said that it’s because Kanye missed deadlines while others believe Taylor Swift‘s late-night announcement yesterday about her Friday release gave Ye pause. Yet, those who have been following Kanye’s career long enough knew better, so check out DONDA‘s cover art below and let us know if you were one of the hopeful believers who truly thought the album would come today.