Russ has asked fans to hold Kehlani accountable to the project.

The first time we got a musical collaboration between Russ and Kehlani was back in August of 2020, when the pair teamed up for “Take You Back.” The two minute and 49-second long track sees them going back and forth about reconciling with a former lover. 

“Take you back/Why should I take you back?/When you the one that fucked this up, yeah/You the one that turnt this out/And, I know that you young, and you rich/And you getting’ it/I’m too raw of a bitch, to be moving with dissonance,” the mother of one sings to her co-collaborator. 

Once Russ and Kehlani dropped the video for “Take You Back,” fans couldn’t deny the musical chemistry between the two. Luckily for those that have had the track on repeat since it first dropped, the duo linked up while in Vegas and teased the possibility of cooking up a joint album.

“I just told Russ I would make an album with him in the club,” the “Toxic” singer can be heard saying in a clip posted to Instagram.

“Listen, hold her accountable, because I doubt it,” he responded. 

“Do y’all want a Russ and Kehlani album?” the latter asked her followers. 

It didn’t take long for news of the potential collaboration to spread across social media like wildfire. After a Kehlani fan page reposted the Instagram video, the “Losin Control” singer quote tweeted it, writing, “Russ X Kehlani project,” followed by the eyes emoji.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, Russ makes it sounds like if we bug Kehlani enough, we’ll see the joint album come to light. 

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