Kid Cudi speaks about his highly-critiqued album “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven,” calling it a cry for help and saying that he just wanted to be understood.

Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven is often viewed as a low point in Kid Cudi‘s discography but, in the artist’s eyes, it was a moment of self-discovery. Going through a lot at the time, Cudi says it served as a “cry for help” as he reflected on it several years later.

One of the most creative artists of his generation, Kid Cudi has delivered some classics during his career. He’s still hammering out gold and, as we wait for the arrival of Entergalactic, the Cleveland native is speaking on one project that many would claim brought down his catalog by several points.

Touching on Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, his fifth studio album and one of the most divisive pieces of music released by Cudder, he claimed that he just wanted people to understand him with the project.

“Speedin Bullet was a cry for help,” he wrote on Twitter. “I was literally screamin out to the world that I was hurting deeply and just wanted so badly to be understood.”

After fans began to praise the album, Cudi spoke about how he was affected by the poor sales numbers from it.

“The low sales from that album didnt bum me out. I thought it was raw as fuck to have it in my discography and I knew no one, NO ONE could have done something so ballsy and risk it all,” he added. “A lot of people play it safe and are afraid to explore their sound. Ive always had no fear.”

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