Tory was the latest to play in LeBron’s car aux.

Tory Lanez’s new album Alone At Prom, released on Dec. 10, has been making tons of noise in the hip-hop world. As an 80s-inspired R&B experiment, Tory showcases his standout singing and melodic ability.

Promotional singles “Lady of Namek” and “’87 Stingray” added tons of hype before the project came out, as this new era of Tory Lanez is one of his most impressive. It is quality enough to garner the attention of NBA star and ambassador LeBron James.

LeBron is famed for his car listening sessions, often jamming out to brand new rap tracks in hit car and praising the artist on his Instagram story. He did just that on Saturday (Dec. 11). with Alone At Prom, posting himself listening to two of the album’s songs.

As he vibed to songs like the album’s opener “Enchanted Waterfall” and its fourth song “The Color Violet,” Bron showed Tory love: “MAN THIS BOY COLD AS HELL MAN!!! ALONE AT PROM IS (fire emojis).”

Alone At Prom is Tory’s second project of 2021, as he released his “capsule” Playboy in March, full of his famed melodic trap and a stunning feature from Chris Brown.

Tory has always seemed like a more low-key artist, only celebrated by those outside of the mainstream. This is what makes a shoutout from LeBron a pleasant surprise, and Tory responded by confirming Bron’s opinion: “THE KING @KINGJAMES HAS SPOKEN.”

Check out Lebron James‘ Instagram story praising Tory Lanez below.