Lloyd Bank’s “The Hunger For More” turns sixteen, prompting the rapper to share a few words of celebration.

Time really does fly, and sometimes seeing the albums you love hit new age milestones can really drive home a somber truth — age is a reality impacts us all. Yet it also serves to highlight a project’s longevity, which truly helps separate the classics from the pretenders. For Lloyd Banks‘ debut solo album The Hunger For More, time seems to be working wonders. On the day of its sixteenth anniversary, the Punchline King took to Twitter to offer a few words of celebration, opening the floor for fans to share their favorite songs. 

Lloyd Banks Hunger For More

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

“Happy anniversary! Today makes 16 years since my debut album “The Hunger For More” dropped!!” writes Banks. “Top 3 songs?” While the question may seem straightforward, answering it proves far more difficult. Personally speaking, “Till The End” probably stands as my favorite Lloyd Banks song ever, and “When The Chips Are Down” and “Warrior Part 2” stand close to heart to this day. Of course, scrolling through the Twitter responses to Banks’ question highlights a variety of different songs, with “Work Magic” and “I’m So Fly” emerging as strong fan favorites. 

One thing is clear — Lloyd Banks’ debut is as beloved today as it was back in 2004, proving that it sits comfortably within the classic canon. And let’s be honest — who didn’t love G-Unit during their impeccable early millennium run? Congratulations to Lloyd Banks, and happy anniversary to The Hunger For More.