Lul Weez used his ambition that grew from having nothing at the bottom, to build his ladder to the top.

Born in Robeson County, North Carolina, Wade Mcphatter III is the local artist known as Lul Weez whose music is quickly expanding into international recognition. Growing up and experiencing situations that made him stronger and wiser, Lul Weez wanted to inspire others using his life story as motivation to anyone wanting to change their lives and chase their dreams. The impact of his father and brother, Tee rose, played a huge role in influencing his work ethic and loyalty to the craft and family that always supported his career.

His music has a unique depth to its vibe and cadence. Concepts from everything Lul Weez has gone through and experienced in life, creates songs that transform true events into hit tracks that connect with fans. His dedication to his career and vision, has brought him from nothing to a point of worldwide influence in the industry on major platforms. With his latest single, “Behind The Hustle” recently released, Lul Weez utilizes his increasing popularity to make a dope single for the hustlers putting in the work to attain their dreams and goals. Whether by means of a 9-5 job, trappin’ or another form of grind, Lul Weez dedicates the song to everyone doing what they’ve got to do to better their lives. Currently, he is working on a music video for the street banger. The visuals will showcase his hometown of Red Springs, NC, where he now resides, along with his brothers “The Glit Gang.” With GMAC D2R films behind the lens, the visuals are sure to bring the family and loyalty aspect of the track into vivid representation.

Lul Weez is still growing and evolving as an artist. Show him your support and stream his new single “Behind The Hustle.”



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