Mayia Cohen is an exceptional artist with the voice of a goddess whose debut single “Temporary” has swept thousands of fans to her feet. The singer-songwriter created a powerful song that hits hard but is such a joy to listen to! The massive beats flirt with the incredible synth pads while Mayia sings beautifully, allowing the audience to feel her emotions. 

The artist is at the apex of her creativity, realizing her dream of being a professional musician. Since the age of six, Mayia learned to play a variety of instruments like the drums, piano, electric guitar, and saxophone. But her true talent lies in her sincere and innovative approach to music production and in the unique way she is able to fuse different genres to come up with truly original art. 

Mayia creates soulful music that is modern and fresh, without a single dull moment. Her next releases are coming up soon so stay tuned!

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