YB was wildin’.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been in his fair share of drama since his late-October release from prison. Whether it be thirsting over Doja Cat or co-signing 6ix9ine, YoungBoy has had a lot to say lately.

After responding “f**k no” when asked if he listened to rappers like Polo G, Lil Baby and 21 Savage by DJ Akademiks on a recent Clubhouse call, YB felt it necessary to emphasize his disdain for 21 Savage on one of his Clubhouse calls. During 21’s call, YoungBoy randomly joined and appeared to issue a threat, jokingly, at Savage: “B*tch, we steppin on anything that come down here, b*tch ass n***.”

Everyone in the chat began laughing, likely because of how random the remark was. 21 was bewildered, shrugging off YB by questioning what his issue was, considering he just had a successful album: “My n***a just went triple platinum.”

In a separate Clubhouse call, YoungBoy explained his reasoning behind the comment, saying he was just messing with 21 because he knows Savage doesn’t like him: “I’m so tore up. I just know a n***a don’t like me, you hear me? I just know a n***a don’t like me, I don’t give no f**ks. I don’t even want no problems but to aggravate the fuck out of you until you act like you want problems.”

It seems that YoungBoy and 21 Savage share animosity for each other, and YB is aiming to ignite a beef. Hopefully, this is just harmless antics, as we’d hate to see two of hip-hop’s most beloved artists beefing.

Check out what NBA YoungBoy said below.