Nipsey Hussle’s family has heard nothing from with the Crips LLC about withdrawing the trademark for the rapper’s catchphrase, “the marathon continues.”

Nipsey Hussle‘s family have become frustrated in their legal battle with the Crips LLC company over trademarks for “The Marathon Continues.” This legal battle has been ongoing since last summer shortly after the rapper’s tragic death, after the Crips LLC filed a few trademarks for Nipsey’s signature catchphrase, “the marathon continues.” However, upon learning that the family had its own trademarks for the phrase, the company apologized and assured Nipsey’s loved ones that they would be taking action to withdraw their trademarks for clothing and for other services.

nipsey hussle marathon continues crips llc trademark familyMario Tama/Getty Images

However, Crips LLC never went through with the filing to withdraw their trademarks. As a result, Nip’s family was forced to take legal action and file oppositions to the company’s initial applications. Crips LLC did not fight back against the opposition to the clothing trademark application by the given deadline, which meant that their trademark for apparel is no longer active. Because they failed to give any kind of response to the family’s opposition to this trademark, it’s possible that they’ll do the same for the other one. The problem is, Nip’s family hasn’t heard a peep from them. Their radio silence on the matter is concerning the family, according to TMZ, as it is dragging on the process and making them suspicious of something more going on behind the scenes.