NLE Choppa weighed in on Kanye’s recent controversial comments about Harriet Tubman.

It looks like NLE Choppa is bringing a little insight into Kanye West‘s recent controversial statements. During his presidential “rally” in South Carolina, Kanye stated that Harriet Tubman didn’t actually free any slaves, she just sent them to go work for other White people. His words received a hailstorm of criticism worldwide as social media users around the globe questioned his facts. Weighing in on the controversy is 17-year-old rapper NLE Choppa who tweeted that people “misunderstood” Kanye’s true message.

“I think y’all misunderstood watt Kanye said but at the same time idk til he explain himself. I think he saying yes Harriet Tubman freed the slaves but we still was under the whites. We didn’t own any land, jobs, anything. Basically free in our eyes but the system still against us,” NLE Choppa wrote. “How we free when THEY own damn near everything, they put us in the hood so we can fail. Gave us drugs, guns, etc to land us in jail and treat us like slaves. I know n*ggas with life sentences over drugs but seen pedophiles live in these surburbs free as can be .”

When a user attempted to challenge him, the rapper stated, “That’s y’all problem y’all rather settle then to say the system fucced up n need to be set for us to win too.” Check out NLE Choppa’s tweets and let us know if you agree.