With Numella’s new rideshare music promotion app, they have revolutionized the industry, allowing independent artists, songwriters, podcasters, advertisers, and creatives to be discovered by new fans worldwide.

The creation of the internet has brought an interesting dynamic into the music industry. Access to the world has become possible by the push of a button, or rather, the push of an app. There has never been a time as now where music has become an escape out of hardships and struggle. Artists have changed their lives and that of their loved ones after one hit overnight. But that reality doesn’t come for all creatives trying to break into the worldwide market.

Numella, a company founded by artist Steven Everett aka Urban Persevere, has combined ingenuity with technology to shift the paradigm from the gatekeepers. The young black man from Southside Chicago with a big dream has developed a new rideshare music promotion app that allows independent artists to have the same reach and opportunities as those with major label push. The innovative app makes use of the millions of drivers and clientele that utilizes rideshare interfaces like Uber and Lyft. Integrating the app into each and every vehicle, it gives the client the option of choosing an artist’s music to be played throughout their travel. This means that an artist’s work becomes instantly accessible throughout the world. That’s over 10,000 cities and 80 countries.

No more paying hundreds of thousands to magazines and platforms to promote your work. With Numella’s new rideshare music promotion app, the power is in your hands with a few simple steps. This is the future of music, one that greatly increases the chances of creatives being discovered. Numella is leading the charge for change. Lend your support to a worthy movement that cares. Visit their website to learn how you can maximize your potential as an artist with their app.

Website: https://numellastream.com/

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