The rapper was making a purchase when a stranger came up to him.

Artists, particularly rappers, as vigilant when it comes to their safety. From crazed fans to their personal foes, artists have often found themselves in harm’s way if they are out and about unprotected, and we have reported on unfortunate cases that have proven to be fatal. Quando Rondo has been on the receiving end of threats following the death of King Von nearly one year ago, and ass we approach the anniversary of the Chicago rapper’s death, Rondo was reportedly accosted while shopping.

The Georgia rapper has defended himself against accusations that he was responsible for Von’s death and although his friend Lul Tim was hit with murder charges in connection to the incident, Rondo has maintained that he does not have any issues with Von or his associates.

Rondo has reportedly been shot at and has faced off against internet trolls, and in a new video that has circulated online, he is seen engaging in a verbal altercation with someone who wanted to fight him.

In the video, Rondo was in a mall at a register finalizing a purchase when a man walks up to the rapper while recording the altercation. He seemed to be trying to get Rondo to go to the restroom with him to fight, but Rondo decides to brush off the comments. Check out the exchange below.