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The Kid MARIN is a Brazilian artist born off the coast of Espírito Santos in a small town called São Mateus. Raised by the “Tropa Do Postin,” the up-and-coming talent resides at a community complex called Vila Nova. He first got started making music by participating in local rap battles. After building a reputation amongst his peers, MARIN decided to transform his poetry into actual songs. Later discovered by Maffiesi from 7billion Records, he hit the studio and began the recording process.

Less than a month ago, TKM released his 3rd full-length project, titled “COCKATRICE.” Partnering with the multinational group OmnesMusic, he now has the backing to reach a bigger audience while displaying his talent on a much larger scale. With 2021 now winding down, rest assured he’ll be popping up again later next year.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow The Kid MARIN on Instagram @tkmofc. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel down below to stay up-to-date.


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