Roddy Ricch seemingly shrugs off the recent leak of his unreleased collab with Drake.

The anticipation for Drake and Roddy Ricch‘s collaboration has been at an all-time high, especially after the Compton rapper’s recent success on the Billboard charts this year. Perhaps it was meant for Drake’s forthcoming project or the unreleased “Antisocial” record that was evidently missing from Roddy’s debut album. It’s been nearly a year since Roddy confirmed these songs were in the cut, and apparently, his fans have run out of patience.

There’s been another breach in Drake’s vault this weekend. Several songs that have been teased in the past finally hit the Internet, though not officially. “Greece,” which Drake recently hinted would be released soon, and “Lie To Me” hit the Internet, along with “Lie To Me,” Drake and Roddy Ricch’s secretive collaboration. The production alone has tones of Feed The Streets II, though there isn’t any confirmation when the songs were actually recorded.

Though no word from Drake on whether these songs will ever actually be released officially, Roddy Ricch hit IG Live where he addressed the recent leak. “Maan, n***as leakin’ the music and shit like that. That shit crazy,” he said during his incredibly brief live stream while the song was played in the background.

Of course, we’re not allowed to share these leaks due to copyright issues but a quick search on Twitter will lead you in the right direction.