Snoop Dogg says he wants rap legends to get as much respect as rock legends.

Snoop Dogg says that rock and roll legends are given far more respect than rap legends and wants that to change. The west coast rapper discussed longevity in the rap game during a new interview with Rolling Stone.

Snoop used the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an example, referring to The Rolling Stones.

“They don’t limit The Rolling Stones, they don’t limit those other groups that do it outside of our genre,” Snoop explained. “You got rappers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You ain’t got no muthafuckin’ rock and rollers in the Rap Hall of Fame. So slow it down a little bit, and start putting some respect on our name and give us the respect for who we are.”

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Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

He continued by explaining the difficulty rappers have staying relevant as they get older, despite having built one of the biggest genres in the world: “Don’t put no time limit on how old we are or what we are, because we don’t look at the rockers and say, ‘Man, he got white hair now when he used to have black hair, and it’s all grey now. We love their music, we love them, we respect them, we come support them, we sing their music — diehard fans.”

“We should get that same love in hip-hop because we created something that’s gonna last forever, it’s generational,” he added.

Snoop’s next album, The Algorithm, is due out on November 12.