Steven Victor and 50 Cent join Ebro to speak on Pop Smoke’s “Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon” album as well as the investigation into the New York rapper’s death.

Pop Smoke‘s album, Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon, has finally dropped after the rapper’s passing almost five months ago. The 20-year old artist who was on the fast-track to global success was gunned down during an home invasion at an L.A. crib he was staying at. The world is still dealing with the loss of Pop, an artist who’s reputation was becoming grander with each release.

With the album now out, two of the album’s main curators and creators, label head Stevin Victor and executive producer 50 Cent, hopped on Apple Music’s Rap Life to chop it up briefly with Ebro about the project as well as any updates in the investigation of Pop Smoke‘s murder.

Ebro opens up the questioning by asking for an update on the investigation, and while Victor doesn’t say too much, he does offer a positive outlook and seems to be confident that movement is being made.

pop smoke murder investigation

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

“I’m getting information from Pop’s criminal attorney and he’s in communication with LAPD and the detectives out there. It’s definitely way, way closer than it was a couple of months ago…Justice will definitely be served,” Victor told Ebro.

Victor also detailed his strategy with Pop Smoke prior to the rapper’s death and his wave of success, revealing that the two had planned to do a series of Meet the Woo mixtapes, as many as it would take for his name to pop– however as it turned out, they didn’t need to do more than two.

Meet the Woo 1, Meet the Woo 2, Meet the Woo 3…However long it took to make his name a staple, and from there, we’d go to the album. After the second mixtape, he was making a name for himself. So we only did two,” Victor details to Ebro.

He goes on to reveal how 50 Cent encouraged him to finish Pop Smoke’s album, “50 was like: ‘You can’t be depressed and stop the legacy that he was building. How do you expect everyone around him, in terms of his family, to benefit off of all the work that he put in? It would almost be like everything happened in vain if you don’t put the album out.’”

50 quickly jumps into the conversation and talks about the album’s intro talk, among other things. Check it out below.