With great musical skills, comes a great legacy. The Artist, JGomes aims to inspire Connecticut’s talent.

Before putting Connecticut on the map. Jason Gomes, rap moniker JGomes was but a kid growing up in Connecticut. Having the benefit of a mother and father that built a life so that he could have opportunities that his peers with different upbringing couldn’t, JGomes was grateful for what he had. But with all good stories, there is always a mix of tragedy that leads to greatness. JGomes’ was no different.

With his mother being a church minister, and father a DJ, JGomes was influenced by music from an early age. The more he aged, the more music grew on him, until it was an intrinsic trait to who he was. At eighth grade, his passion for rhythm found new meaning, creating music, and commencing his experimentation with sound. The birth of JGomes found a beginning, and he was certainly a diamond in the rough with a talent over words and melody that paralleled some of the greats in music history. The more he explored with his music, the more excited he became to bless the ears of any who would listen, and in time JGomes found his style and creative sound.


JGomes was on the path to becoming an artist, one that captivated his audiences with soulful music over matching beats using his ability to paint stories with words wrapped in purpose and seamless melodical transitions. The dream seemed within reach, but the journey in his head didn’t quite pan out in reality. Instead, the path to stardom didn’t gain traction as he would like (sentenced 10 years serving 8 of them). With loss of motivation, JGomes stepped away from music. It was when the untimely passing of his father occurred, that he turned to music as an outlet to be his distraction. This reignited his passion for music and jump started his motivation with inspiration.

JGomes hasn’t looked back since, and now the artist and songwriter is fulfilling his dreams. His music is bliss to the ear, weaved within his dynamic and ever evolving style. Given his upbringing by two different style parents, JGomes has perspective of both the hardships of the street life, and stability.

Where many use this to brag and boast, JGomes instead uses his experiences to spread messages through his music in hopes of inspiring others with talent in the state of Connecticut. His one true purpose via music is to motivate others to never give up on their dreams. Utilizing every arsenal under his lyrical disposal, he is on the path of achieving just that. He is a multi-genre artist that can create a masterpiece no matter the sound.

JGomes is everything a legend should be. All it takes now is continued dedication to his craft and releasing the music that has gained him the spotlight, and the status is sure to be his. He intends to continue shining light on Connecticut’s music scene in hopes of opening opportunities for others in his community. With a rough 2020 nearing a close, JGomes is prepping the release of two EP’s in the form of a side 1 and side 2 project titled, GROOVE AND GROOVY. But wait, there’s more. GROOVE AND GROOVY is only the calm before the storm, the appetizer to the main course, the heat before the fire. His album, KING ME, is going to take over the air waves when it drops on February 12, 2021. JGomes has his eyes on the prize and is coming for it with everything he’s got. Follow his journey, stream his music, and prepare for his massive projects to come via his socials:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/THEREALJGOMES

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JsonGomes

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mr_go_mes/

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