Renzo Grind and Jack Skrillington of The Venom Kingz give visual treatment to their new Jeep Anthem, “Doors Off.”
Renzo Grind and Jack Skrillington are the hip hop duo that have been turning heads in the music industry with their Houston lingo and psychedelic sounds. Jack is Houston grown, Renzo Grind’s roots sprouted from New York City. Together, the two creatives form the power collective, The Venom Kingz. Their unique sound is always evolving creatively as their chemistry in the booth pushes the boundaries of alternative hip-hop.
The Venom Kingz have found the formula to create tracks that never miss their mark upon release. Every song has a cadence that hypnotizes the mind with fresh flows, polished lyricism and smooth melodies. Hits like “Ridin’ on E” had every denomination and age rocking along as they swerve through the H-Town streets. Not only are they expert songwriters and rappers, but majority of their tracks are also produced, mixed, and mastered in-house. Renzo Grind’s special ear for music as a sound engineer and producer has been utilized by mainstream artists and he has created the duo’s beats in his studio.
The two have hit the booth once again to deliver another track to cruise along to. The Jeep Anthem, “Doors Off” has proved yet again that anything Renzo Grind and Jack Skrillington touch turns into a musical masterpiece. The music video for the single was released less than a month ago and has already run up over 100,000 views on YouTube. Fans are eating up the explosive popularity of the track. The visuals bring the spirit of Houston heritage to life, giving fans a cinematic tour of the Jeep culture throughout the city. Catchy, fun, and energetic, “Doors Off” is an enjoyable song to ride to solo dolo or with the crew letting it air out through the speakers.
The Venom Kingz are making noise in the industry and plan to blast off with their debut album, “Kingz Landing” around Halloween, along with their upcoming single “M.F.R.S.” and accompanying music video. Follow the duo to learn more on their career and check out the visuals to their recent Jeep Anthem, “Doors Off.”

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