After Nahmir called “Soul Train” the “song of 2021,” Yachty couldn’t help but point out the number of dislikes the track received.

Rappers often engage in playful exchanges online where they outwardly crack jokes about one another. It makes for hilarious moments, usually, when one artist takes a slight verbal jab at another, but Lil Yachty‘s reaction to YBN Nahmir’s tweet caused the latter to be on the receiving end of an onslaught of trolls.

Nahmir wanted to praise his own effort and retweeted a YouTube screenshot of his song “Soul Train” from his March release, Visionland. It was a casual tweet that wasn’t unlike thousands of others from artists such as himself, but Yachty couldn’t help but point out the glaring numbers from YouTube.

YBN Nahmir
Bennett Raglin / Stringer / Getty Images

The screenshot showed that on the platform, “Soul Train” received over 4 million views and had 53K likes, but there were also 374K dislikes on the video, as well. A quick check online shows that that number has increased to 398K.

“Best song of 2021,” Nahmire wrote with his photo as some believed he was trolling himself. Yachty retweeted and added, “No cap bro, sh*t might have the most dislikes of the year lmao.” People began firing off memes and later Nahmir returned to say, “Imma take a cool little break from everything & everybody. [100 emoji].” 

Nahmir’s Instagram has been cleared and he went on to retweet his original message about “Soul Train.” Check it out below.