YG throws on a 49ers uniform and kneels on the cover of his new single “SWAG.”

YG is no stranger to sending political messages in his music. We’re talking about a man who caught Donald Trump’s attention with his song “FDT,” of which the chorus curses out the President. Recently, the 30-year-old rapper has ramped it up a little, organizing a massive protest with the Black Lives Matter organization in Los Angeles and breaking attendance records for it. He even filmed his video for “FTP (Fuck The Police)” at the gathering.

Many have been wondering what YG would be doing next. He just revealed his cards, sending another message with the cover artwork for his new single.

“SWAG out on all platforms 9pm westside,” wrote YG on Instagram.

Dressing up as Colin Kaepernick and kneeling on the cover in front of two cheerleaders, the Compton native is once again speaking volumes with his music. He stays decked out in a 49ers uniform, which was the last team that Kaep played for before effectively being black-listed by the league for his peaceful protests.

The song is set to release at midnight in all markets. Or, if you’re on the West Coast, keep your eyes on all streaming platforms at 9 PM.

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

Are you going to be checking this one out?