He says he didn’t mean for his remarks to go viral.

Like dozens of other artists, Yung Bleu has been vying for a Nick Minaj collaboration. The Alabama artist teased the idea months ago and just like that, Minaj breathed hope into the possibility when she “liked” his tweet about working with her. Bleu enthusiastically returned to Twitter to say he had to get to work just in case she actually reached out, and recently, the public believed he hinted that a song was on the way.

However, Yung Bleu quickly jumped back on social media to set the record straight because he does not want to hinder any chances of this track being thwarted over gossip.

Bleu saw that both his fans and the Barbz were storming his mentions at the possibility, and media outlets were quickly sharing the news. He recently returned to clarify his statements.

“We dnt have a song yet actually tho y’all,” he tweeted. “I just wanted to play some sh*t we was working on since we was in New York. Ain gotta verse just yet . AndAin mean for it to go viral I was just having a lil moment with my fans and I was drunk talking to much lol.”

Meanwhile, bleu has been nominated for Best New Artist and Hustler of the Year at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The rising star is hoping to dominate in at least one of those categories, and while we wait to see if he’s triumphant, check out his tweets below.