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$1200 stimulus checks are landing in bank accounts and mailboxes all over the country thanks to the CARES Act — passed by Congress to stabilize the US economy during the coronavirus quarantine. 

You may need to stabilize the economy in your own home, but hopefully you can stretch that $1200 and get more out of it. Here’s another suggestion to increase the value of your stimulus check:

Invest In Your Entertainment

You’ve cooked, cleaned, homeschooled the kids, got some work done, and learned a new skill. And if you’re really trying to double that stimulus check, you may have even started a new business. The only thing left to do is chill. Put that $1200 to work by investing in new sources of entertainment. 

The value of your stimulus check more than doubles if you use it to make memories. Right now, Tribit Audio is offering 12% off their MaxSound Plus bluetooth speaker when you checkout with the code MS12.  Blast your favorite playlist and turn your workout into a family dance party.

Social distancing limits where we can go but not what we can do. Use your $1200 CARES Act check to live your best quarantine life. For more tips on how to increase the value of your stimulus check, find out how you can get your mind, body and soul right with our 5 Ways to Double Your $1200 Stimulus Check: Get Fit

Stay home, stay healthy, wash your hands, and spend wisely.