New York rapper 50 Cent is geeking out. The hip-hop veteran has reacted to buzz about former Black Mafia Family drug kingpin Big Meech winning a prison sentence reduction and gearing up to come home earlier than expected.


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50 Cent Celebrates Big Meech’s Early Prison Release

Fifty went to his Instagram page to share a snapshot showing Big Meech and the release news. 50 also promised his upcoming Black Mafia Family series would be even better as a result of Meech’s good news.

“YES 😆 Now you know this BMF show is gonna 💣💨Blow everything off the fucking TV, the real sh*t different ! 🚦Green Light Gang #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi #bottlerover”

The reaction even sparked co-signs from G-Unit’s Uncle Murda and Big’s son Lil Meech.



Big Meech’s Coming Home Early

According to reports, Meech has had his prison sentence reduced. This week, U.S District Judge David M. Lawson agreed to reduce Meech’s bid from 360 months to 324 months. Barring any changes, BM will now be released before 2030.

Meech was convicted of running a nationwide Continual Criminal Enterprise, and Conspiracy To Launder Money Instruments which raked in over $270 million in drug proceeds from the late ’90s until the Feds took down B.M.F. in 2007. Big Meech, who was scheduled to be released from Sheridan FCI in Oregon on November 25, 2031, will now be coming home in 2028. (AHH)

Big Meech Flexes Muscles From Prison

In April 2021, a handful of unseen photos surfaced of Big Meech looking like he stayed on the gym grind thanks to his son Lil Meech. He’s remained behind bars since September of 2008 when both he and his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory were sentenced to 30 years in prison each over running a nationwide cocaine-trafficking ring.

Do It Look Like We Stressin? Pops Did What He Had To Do So I Could End Up Here? Lol Fu*c A Deny This Mob Sh*t Led Us To Generational Wealth I Can’t Even Pay Him Bacc For What He Did For Me But When He Touchdown Imma Make Sure He Have Fun With These Millions On The MOB #FREEBIGZIPPO

50 Cent Keeps Teasing BMF Series

50 Cent really wants to make sure fans are checking for his Black Mafia Family TV series. The hip-hop star recently lit up social media with some fresh looks at his upcoming project. In January 2021, Fifty hit up Instagram with a batch of on-set pics. The shots featured him in executive producer mode along with promising big things to come from the first day of shooting.

“i’m gonna raise the bar with this one, good is not good enough. It has to be great ! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi #bottlerover”

Fifty also revealed it was the first day of shooting. One pic included actress Tasha Smith getting behind the camera for her directing.

“Day 1 shooting 🎥 BMF it’s lit🔥this is gonna blow you away.🚦Green light Gang #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi #bottleroover”