New York rapper 50 Cent and Cuban Link don’t have to worry about getting into a screaming match over a pair of pricey Maison Marginal boots. The hip-hop pair went online this weekend to agree on passing up on some foot apparel drip.

50 x Cuban

Heading into Sunday, Fif hit up his Instagram page with some pure comedy. After shutting down a pair of $1,155 boots, Cuban hit up his comments section to agree with 50 Cent roasting them.

“👀ok Maison Margiela can keep these sh*t’s , TF is this the halloween aqua woman drip 💧. @_cuban_link NO 👎you know better no #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi” -50 Cent’s Instagram

“.. yeaa those are not it but babe let me shop in peace ok ! 🙄😂” -Cuban Link

50 Cent roasts these Maison Margiela boots

High-Key Details

Last Saturday, 50 went online with some playful trolling aimed at Link. He shared a cringe clip of a woman doing the most to stay attached to a moving car and joked about Link’s possible neediness.

“if you don’t get off my car @_cuban_link i’m telling ya mother. 🤔 cut it out, right now! LOL” -50 Cent’s Instagram

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if you don’t get off my car @_cuban_link i’m telling ya mother. 🤔 cut it out, right now! LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi

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Wait, There’s More

Recently, Cuban lit up her Instagram page with a list of real-life suggestions from the G-Unit boss. One of the key tips included putting more value into the dangers of a liar versus a thief.

“.. .. 🏆” -Cuban Link’s Instagram

Before You Go

In mid-June 2020, Link hit up Instagram with a rare pic of herself clocking in family goals. The shot showed her with her mom and sister.

“.. .. Sister , Mommy & Andre the Giant 🥰🥰 #familyiseverything#eitherimtallortheyareshort 🤨” -Cuban Link’s Instagram