New York rapper 50 Cent has way too much free time on his hands these days. The hip-hop entertainer has lit up social media to respond to shade thrown his way from Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s baby mother Sara Molina.

50 Responds

This week, Fif hit up Twitter to defend his image. 50 also confirmed he showed 6ix9ine how to hide his money.

“?yeah she will never find it, and i’ll show them my Taxes right after Trump. LOL” -50 Cent’s Twitter

Blame Game

This week, Molina went to social media and didn’t hold back on exposing her former flame. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s baby mama said he’s refusing to pay up for child support and claimed he learned this behavior from 50 Cent.

“He told me how he was going to hide money from you. He told me he was going to hide his f*cking money from child support and fucking charities ’cause 50 taught him. He was going to that extent, just not to take care of your daughter. You so stuck on trying to defend a n*gga in hopes of something for your daughter or whatever you want to say it is, but he’s grimy so … that’s what made it even easier for me to believe all the sh*t he was saying because of how he spoke about you.” -Sara Molina’s Instagram Live

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s baby mama accused the rapper of neglecting to pay child support

Wait, There’s More

In a separate Instagram Live session, Molina also claimed 6ix9ine had physically assaulted and raped her.

“Let me tell you something, as fucked up as Danny has ever been to me – lied on me, beat me, raped me, whatever the fuck he’s done to me, I still in a weird, fuckin’ twisted way get treated better than what the fuck you do. And that’s on god. That’s on my daughter. ‘Cause you get absolutely nothing. Nothing. Now you wanna say I’m going to hurt your feelings? I’m gonna hurt your feelings.”

Before You Go

Tekashi is finally coming forward. On Tuesday, he went to Instagram to deliver some major news. 6ix9ine announced he would go to IG Live this Friday afternoon.

“Lets get this party started. Don’t get scared now ?” -Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Instagram