Hip-hop music remains one of the most popular genres of music today. From its cultural heritage to simply great beats, there are lots of reasons why people love and listen to the genre.

Those that go to the gym or go running like to listen to hip-hop to stay motivated – but it can also be utilized by gamblers to sharpen their mindset and gaming focus. That might be why OVO Sound boss Drake recently moved to Vegas.

How Music Impacts the Casino Experience

Casino game developers use music within their games to create a variety of effects. The type of music chosen needs to be carefully considered against the genre of the slot and the type of experience it wants to provide. The right tune and melody can make all the difference in heightening the tension and excitement. The speed of the music has even been shown to determine gambling behaviours, faster music causing bets to be wagered more quickly.

The music on the casino floor can also have an impact. Usually, casinos will play softer music, often jazz, to create a sophisticated atmosphere and to contrast with the speed or franticness of slot games. These gentlemanly sounds also differ well with the drop of coins after a big win or loud jackpot alert noise.

Best Hip-Hop Songs to Listen to While Gambling

The best hip-hop songs for gambling usually include a money theme or even a direct gambling link. Here are some top suggestions for your next session:

#1: Mo Money Mo Problems (Puff Daddy)

Mo Money Mo Problems by Puff Daddy or whatever he has decided to name himself this week is undoubtedly a top song to gamble to. There is somewhat of a negative aspect to the song, but it also makes direct gambling references talking about betting.

#2: All About the Benjamins (Puff Daddy)

Another song by this hip-hop god is All About the Benjamins. Some non-hip hop heads might not be aware, but Benjamin is slang for a $100 bill. The song is more upbeat than the previous and discusses a lavish lifestyle that gambling could bring.

#3: I’m So Paid (Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne)

This hip-hop track may not be the most moral and include some hateful references, but it also touches on our human desire for more money and the desperation to live a life with it – for most people. It might be an aggressive track, but it could certainly help refine your gambling mind and strategies.

#4: This Plane (Wiz Khalifa)

In Wiz Khalifa’s ideal gambling track, he discusses topics such as wealth, distrust and even loneliness for some. It could put gaming in perspective to us and make us want to go gambling with friends rather than alone. It, therefore, also touches on a new demand for social online casino games.

Next time you log in to your favourite online casino, make sure you have these hip-hop songs at the ready!