G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean‘s ex-fiancée Naya Rivera is reportedly missing in Southern California as rescue teams attempt to locate her following a boating trip with her four-year-old son.

Naya x Missing

According to reports, people are searching for Naya as of Thursday morning and believe she may have possibly drowned. She went missing last night after going out with her son at a lake just outside of Los Angeles.

Rescuers will resume their search Thursday morning for “Glee” actress Naya Rivera after she went missing from a lake in Southern California. Rivera, 33, vanished from Lake Piru in Ventura County on Wednesday evening. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said search efforts will resume “at first light” and called it a possible drowning. Rivera went to the lake Wednesday afternoon and rented a boat with her young child. Both were seen going out on the lake together, Sheriff’s Capt. Eric Buschow said at a news conference. (CNN)

High-Key Details

Law enforcement reportedly found Naya’s son by himself on the boat. He claims they went swimming together but his mom didn’t return.

Rivera rented a boat with her son on Wednesday afternoon, according to CNN, and they went out onto the lake together. About three hours later, Josey was found asleep on the drifting boat by another boater, who alerted authorities. Rivera’s son reportedly told investigators that he and his mother went swimming together, but Rivera did not get back on the boat. Josey was wearing a life vest, while an adult life vest was found on the boat alongside Rivera’s ID. (Yahoo! News)

Wait, There’s More

On Wednesday, Rivera shared a pic of herself with her son. She also referenced it just being the two of them together.

“just the two of us” -Naya Rivera’s Instagram

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just the two of us

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Before You Go

Back in 2014, details surfaced on what ultimately split up Naya and Big Sean. The duo shocked the world with a short-lived engagement.

Big Sean broke off his engagement to Naya Rivera because he was scared off by her violent fits of anger and jealousy. Our sources say Naya demanded to know where he was at all times and would threaten him by saying things like, “If you don’t listen to what I say, I’ll ruin your career.” We’re told she was suspicious whenever Sean was with other women and would work herself up into jealous rages … once breaking an expensive lamp during a rampage in his home. We’re also told Big Sean and Naya went to couples counseling — which apparently worked because Sean realized how much he HATED being a couple … and decided to get the hell out. (TMZ)