Cash Money Records boss Birdman really, really, really – really – loves his daughter. The hip-hop executive took a moment to flex his love for Bria Williams on social media.

Baby Is Ride Or Die For His Daughter

Birdman went to Instagram last night with a priceless father-daughter moment. Baby shared a pic of himself sitting in a car alongside Bria.

“@briawilliams1 ❤️ #BABYGLADYS #RICHGIRL?” -Birdman’s Instagram

50 Cent Shows Love To Cash Money’s Princess

In March 2020, rap star 50 Cent showed Birdman big respect. The New York rapper acknowledged his daughter’s birthday.

“Shout-out to Birdman in a culture that’s out with the old and in with the new, we stick around, that’s how you know you have a gift. God bless you and Bria Williams. Happy birthday, wishing you and yours much success.”

50 Cent celebrates Birdman’s daughter birthday

Wait, There’s More

The Cash Money leader also shared a separate birthday post. In his open message, Birdman detailed how much Bria means to him.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Bria Williams. My Baby Gladys I love you with every piece of me. My heart, my soul. Daddy baby girl. Cash Money rich girl.”

Before You Go

Finally, in late February Baby celebrated another big birthday. Birdman went to his social media pages to acknowledge his son’s born day. The Cash Money head also acknowledged his son Bryan Williams Jr. is the future and key to continuing his legacy. The Louisiana native even went as far as to encourage him to finish his achievements when he’s done.

“Happy birthday Bryan Williams Jr. Young King. Young Stunna. Blood love. Rich Life. I did it all for you to finish son.”

“Again, happy birthday to my first born. Love you with all my soul son. You born in not sore in. Finish what I started. I do it for Ms. Gladys. Living legend. Young Stunna. King Stunna. Rich life. Rich gang. Cash Money official.”