West Coast rapper Blueface is in a world of pain right now. The hip-hop star has lit up social media to show fans what type of damage his baby mother allegedly did to his new Porsche.

Feeling Blue

This week, Blueface hit up his Instagram Story with the jaw-dropping clip. The footage shows Blue explaining how his former flame put in work on his whip.

“Blueface’s baby mama keyed his new Porsche 😳” -SOHH’s Twitter

Throwback Tweets

This week, throwback tweets surfaced from Blue’s ex. She went into full detail about their relationship and getting over being crazy over Face.

Wait, There’s More

Earlier in the week, the Los Angeles rapper shared shocking footage of his ex trying to break into his house.

“Ight this the last one somebody put me ina movie 🍿 😂” -Blueface’s Instagram


Before You Go

Recently, Jaidyn Alexis came clean on how they met up. She didn’t hold back on how they first linked.