New York rapper Cam’ron knows what’s going down in the home of 9/11 and the place of the lost towers. Killa Cam went online this weekend to share a few headlines related to police brutality, Black Lives Matter protests and locals fighting back against law enforcement.

Cam’ron x NYPD

On Sunday, Cam hit up Instagram and didn’t hold back with his reactions. The Dipset boss admitted despite getting a chuckle from an NYPD officer getting put into a chokehold, there’s still plenty of unrest in the Big Apple.

“Can’t front The first pic I giggled a lil reading it. But right now NY is just about lawless.” -Cam’ron’s Instagram

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Can’t front The first pic I giggled a lil reading it. But right now NY is just about lawless.

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High-Key Details

This weekend, inside sources reached out to SOHH to provide a troubling alert about Black men possibly being targeted with nationwide lynchings by hate groups. The sources stressed the importance of African American men using precautions including not going out by themselves until the threat is over.

Sources tell SOHH there is reliable intel about a nationwide threat of black men being lynched in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests and warn black men to be careful to not travel alone or with people they do not know.  (SOHH)

Wait, There’s More

A few days ago, Black man Vauhxx Booker made headlines after coming forward to report being assaulted and nearly lynched by a group of white men in Indiana. The situation has even sparked a federal investigation into the near-deadly attack.

Vauhxx Booker, who is black and a member of the Monroe county human rights commission, said the men pinned him against a tree, shouted racial slurs and one of them threatened to “get a noose” at Monroe Lake near Bloomington over the Fourth of July weekend. Much of the assault was captured on cellphone video by Booker’s acquaintances and shows the 36-year-old on all fours being held down by a white man as witnesses shout for his release. “The FBI is investigating. We have no further comment,” spokeswoman Chris Bavender told the Associated Press on Tuesday. (The Guardian)

Before You Go

Recently, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame fired off a serious warning message to anyone pushing for hate crimes against Black people. Waka also said there would be a consequence for trying to make lynching African Americans a trend.

“🖕🏾 White supremacy and 🖕🏾 all racist!! And f**k all that politically correct s**t. Equality ✊🏾” -Waka Flocka Flame’s Instagram

“Eh man, look here, don’t try that sh*t. Y’all hanging n*ggas from trees and sh*t like that sh*t cool. I’m telling you, if I catch you bro, I’m going to put your f*cking brains on the floor. Make that sh*t cool, bruh. Make my little nephews feel uncomfortable, bruh because y’all little fat, out of shape racist a** n*ggas wanna play. I’m gonna gun y’all n*gga a**es down. Believe that.”

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🖕🏾 White supremacy and 🖕🏾 all racist!! And fuck all that politically correct shit. Equality ✊🏾

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