New York rapper Cardi B has no problem letting her thoughts run wild. The hip-hop heavyweight went online this week to pose an open question to her millions of fans about ants and their digestive systems.

Ant B

On Thursday, Cardi went to Twitter to ask a near-cringe question. Cardi B marveled at the mysterious world of ants and wondered about their stomach functions.

“Do ants poop ?” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Cardi B had a curious question about ants and their digestive system

Album Talk

Recently, buzz developed about the holdup with Cardi’s much-needed sophomore album. Some reports claim behind the scenes negotiations have forced the project’s setback.

What about Cardi B? She’s dropped a number of tracks and features in the last year or so, but it’s been a long while since her 2018 debut album (3.3m+ RTD). Still, she’s a monster brand; insiders say a protracted renegotiation of her record deal has held up the release of her next full-length. What’s taking so long to get that deal done? Is something more than money involved? (Hits Daily Double)

Wait, There’s More

In April 2020, Cardi hit up her Twitter page to tease her sophomore album. Specifically, she vowed to deliver a hard-hitting intro track. This has been the most recent update we’ve had about the release.

“Sooo dope this make me soo happy .My new album intro going to Hit just as hard ! 😤😤” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Cardi B spoke about how happy she was with the intro of the album

Before You Go

Recently, B unloaded some new pics donning pink hair. Cardi shared the shots across her Instagram and Twitter pages of the new style.

“Hello cool cats and Kittens 🐱” -Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B shows off her new pink hair

Cardi B blow us a big kiss