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New York rapper Cardi B is out here putting everyone to sleep. The hip-hop star took a moment during quarantine to let Bardi Gang know she doesn’t play when it comes to her bedroom comfort.

B Sleeps

Cardi went to Instagram Thursday with a pic of herself kicked back on a bed. Cardi B shared a shot of herself showing off a new hairstyle sitting by herself in her bedroom.

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“Baby I got you” -Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B shows off her bedroom poses

Pink Hair Don’t Care

A few days ago, B teased fans with her revamped look. She shared pink hair shots across both her Twitter and Instagram pages.

“Perfect now” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Wait, There’s More

In late April 2020, Cardi hit up her Twitter page to tease her sophomore album. Specifically, she vowed to deliver a hard-hitting intro track.

“Sooo dope this make me soo happy .My new album intro going to Hit just as hard ! ??” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Before You Go

Recently, B unloaded some new pics donning pink hair. Cardi shared the shots across her Instagram and Twitter pages.

“Hello cool cats and Kittens ?” -Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B shows off her new pink hair

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