New York rapper Cardi B doesn’t do regular. The hip-hop superstar has lit up social media with an interest in taking her pedicure goals to the extreme.

Cardi B Wants Her Toe Game To Stand Out

On Monday, Cardi jumped onto Twitter with a jaw-dropping shot. B shared a look at toes each having extra long nails with eye-catching designs.

“I love this ….Highkey want to do it .” -Cardi B’s Twitter

Bardi G Has Mixed Feeling About The Toes

The epic pic didn’t win everyone over though. Cardi fans replied to her tweet with some mixed reactions.

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Cardi B went to her Instagram page with a gushy pic of herself grinding on her husband Offset. She also suggested he take her on an online shopping trip.

“Daddy can you take me online shopping ?” -Cardi B’s Instagram

Cardi B is seen giving her husband Offset a little grind

Before You Go

Earlier the same week, Cardi B went to her Instagram page to show us her curve game is unstoppable. The throwback shot features Cardi in all-blue everything and donning short black hair.

“Not long ago …. @muglerofficial @cadwallader@jessicarichcollection @tomasherold” -Cardi B’s Instagram

“???????” -Hennessy Carolina

Cardi B shows she stays ready with her curve game