As Texas-native artist Carsn. is finally about to drop his upcoming EP Mixed Emotions, he recently treated fans by unveiling two fantastic releases; the singles “Rip Away” and “General Gentleman.” Both singles are packed with deeply powerful introspective lyrics, bringing together the best of rap, pop, and dance music. 

Carsn. was born and raised in Texas, US, is already a college graduate, and was an athlete for years playing football for his college team.  He has also educated himself about music theory and production. 

In many ways a pioneer, Carsn. observes and listens carefully before creating new music, a meticulous creative process that can be felt while streaming any of his past releases. 

“The main inspiration for this one was about a recent breakup, and it’s about moving on from a bad situation and finding better things/people out there in the world. Hence, ‘Rip Away’ as in I was ripping away the bandage of the past and all the bad that came with it, and on the other side the sun shines brighter,” Carsn. expressed about the single “Rip Away.” 

His upcoming EP Mixed Emotions is rumored to include some of his most impactful music to date, and the release of both “Rip Away” and “General Gentleman” are ideal for leaving fans wanting more until the drop of his full collection!