Rapper Common is making sure his love for Chicago, Illinois is felt. The rapper has opened a music program complete with a new recording studio for inmates at the Stateville Correctional Center.


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Common Gives To Chicago

Chicago native Common has opened a music studio within the Stateville Correctional Center complete with mixing boards, musical instruments, microphones, and sound panels. With the installation of the new recording studio, Common’s Imagine Justice nonprofit will host a 12-week program for inmates at Stateville that will offer them knowledge on music production, music creation, and recording. The nonprofit organization is also providing funds for a professional musician to teach the class.

Nas To Teach Masterclass On Hip Hop Storytelling

Nas, who is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time, is now imparting his knowledge to the masses. Nasir will be teaching a Hip Hop storytelling course in partnership with MasterClass, an online educational platform that offers classes from leading figures. The 12-part series will see Nas giving students insight into his creative process and help Master Class enrollees construct and record their own original songs.