North Carolina rapper DaBaby needs some confidence. The hip-hop entertainer has lit up social media to get fans’ take on how his fashion drip is looking in 2020.

DaBaby Killa Pink

Baby hit up Instagram Wednesday with a slew of new pics. In the shots, DaBaby’s flexing a bright pink fashion choice.

“I look p*ssy when I wear pink?” -DaBaby’s Instagram

“????” -Casanova 2x

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I look pussy when I wear pink?

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DaBaby clowns his own fashion choices

Who’s The Nastiest

Earlier this week, DaBaby hit up Instagram to share a thirst trap-approved compilation clip of Megan Thee Stallion. He also asked fans if they thought Meg out-rapped him on a level of nastiness on their new “Nasty” collaboration.

“? @theestallion u got me f*cked up. Who talk Nastier on “NASTY” ??? Meg or Baby❓??” -DaBaby’s Instagram

“Lol you kno the answer to this ??‍♀️” -Megan Thee Stallion

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? @theestallion u got me fucked up. Who talk Nastier on “NASTY” ??? Meg or Baby❓??

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DaBaby shares a Megan Thee Stallion compliation

Wait, There’s More

Since the song’s release, social media has erupted with massive co-signs. Support has ranged from users saluting DaBaby for putting out a fire smash song to jaw-dropping reactions to collaborator Ashanti getting NSFW with her lyrics.

The internet gets crazy about “Nasty”

Before You Gou

Last Friday, DaBaby’s new must-hear song premiered online. The record features all types of freaky and explicit bedroom lyrics.

“She know I’m nasty (Yeah) She like when I pull it out and I put it all over her a** cheeks (Like, uh, ooh) And she don’t gotta ask me (C’mon) Yeah, I want head before we f*ck and I want it nasty She like when I tell her to spit on it (Like, psh) I get mouth and I sit on the couch and I make her sit on it (Let’s go) Yeah, I was that lil’ n*gga that could take a b*tch from his big homie Especially if she flexible, I flex her I take both her legs and I put ’em behind her head like she a pretzel Then I pick her up and slam her down on her head like I’m a wrestler Like mm, tryna kill the p*ssy, call the ambulance, get a stretcher I be f*cking his b*tch while he ain’t at home And she got them pics of me in her phone Know that man a fool if he don’t leave ‘Cause bitch can’t leave a n*gga alone, she call me” (“Nasty”)